Historical Bolton Beans


The Bolton Beans lot originally housed the infamous Bill Gates diner. The diner was a trolley car from the early 1900's built by the Jones Car Company of West Troy, NY, and made for the Hudson Valley Railway which provided passenger service from Albany and Glens Falls to Lake George and Warrensburg, NY. 

By 1928, the age of automobiles forced the Hudson Valley Rail company to go bankrupt. Years later the dining car was found abandoned in what we now know as Crandall Park in Glens Falls, NY. 

In 1937 the Liapes brothers of Glens Falls, purchased, restored, and moved the dining car to its home in Bolton Landing where it soon became a local fixture. Closed in 1980, after serving the community for many wonderful years, the Bill Gates Diner was moved to its rightful place at the Adirondack museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. To this day, locals reflect with many fond memories and stories shared of Bill and his wife Dawn. 

Brought in to replace the Bill Gates Diner, and today known as Bolton Beans, is an original 1946 Worcester, Massachusetts Service Diner. 

This service diner was first known as Mancini’s in Providence, Rhode Island until 1961 when it was moved to Plainville, Massachusetts and operated as Don’s Diner until 1969. In 1969 the service diner was relocated to North Attleboro, Massachusetts operating as the Red Rock Hill Diner.  Its final resting place from 1989 to present day is here in Bolton Landing, New York.


Bolton Beans has proudly continued the “Gates” tradition of fresh food, coffee and excellent service that began in this very place with the Gates diner in 1937. Serving our local community and continuing to welcome visitors from around the world, this 1946 service diner is a masterpiece of its own.

Although today's Bolton Bean's never rode the rails, its small town flare is attractive to many serious "diner hoppers." Bolton Beans, known to the locals as “The Bean,” is a hard working piece of history with its “all original” woodwork and aluminum that shines from years of hand polishing. It services the town of Bolton year round with fresh roasted coffee and espresso, great food, and a sense of community.